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Asker do-the-gypsy Asks:
Preciate your professional Vans advice. 😊👌
vans-and-lesbians vans-and-lesbians Said:

I’m no pro I just love me some vans 😍


I need some advice on Vans.

Authentic or lo pro?
Run large or small?
Do they give you blisters or nah?

Help me outtttt

In regards to the first question

It’s completely your preference! I love authentic personally but it’s entirely up to you.

They run pretty much normal sized but I am a usual 7.5 who also fits nicely into 8s in vans. I fit into either perfectly fine. So if I had to pick I would say small-ish.

In regards to the blisters, well, sometimes with a brand new pair of vans it can leave blisters. It happens. But just wear good socks and you should be fine. They break in pretty quickly, however, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Personal blog?
vans-and-lesbians vans-and-lesbians Said:


Hi I'm Kiley and I would love to get to know you
vans-and-lesbians vans-and-lesbians Said:

Well if you follow my personal blog I’m sure that’ll be a great way to get to know me!

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